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Since 2nd October 2008. I love you and it'll never change. This picture marks th start of our love. It was taken two years back. And so, im lazy to change th picture.

your's Truly.

Hi,im Shafiqah!
Seventeen years old.
Im blissfully inlove with my only boyfriend
His my gift from god
Love you!

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hey, look at th picture above, us wearing our secondary uni.
Omg, much missed. I miss wearing those pinafores, i swear! ^^
Okay whatever, anyway its th second last day of fasting month already.
Its so fast and then soon im gonna be busy with manymany stuff.
From major exams to school IAP attachment and work and work and study!
Gosh! I really don't know what to do next, im stressed up with studies now.
And plus i think im gonna screwed up in tomorrow's PIE exam paper one.
Gosh, i really hope i can manage cause its gonna be an important thing.
Anyway, Hari Raya is coming in a day time and everyone is feeling excited.
Im feeling excited too but its gonna be for awhile only cause im having exams!
Its so annoying to have exams during our happy moment cause to cant celebrate much.
Hmm, okay anyway i gotta get off and study for tomorrow exam and then enjoy.
Adios Amigos


10:23 PM

Monday, September 6, 2010

Hey hey hey hey hey hey! Its September hey! (:
Today would be th saddest and th most memorable day of all.
Early this morning, a group of my friends and i send dearest Joann off to Canada.
Annnnd guess what, she's not only going to Canada, but migrating there forever.
So trust me, all of us were sooooo down and sad th min we saw her at th airport.
All of us, i mean some of us took th effort to come down and missed our lesson,
just to send her off and to spend our last moment with her, only her!
All of us shed tears, tears running down our eyes and we really could not accept,
that she is really leaving us in real reality and that we could hardly see her again.
We gave a big poster and then a big group bigbig hug just for her, its really sad.
Hmm, may your life be a greatful one there, all th best.
Adios Amigos


9:17 PM

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hey, sup everyone! Everyone's doing great? :D
Well, i know my blogg is so dead and boring with no updates.
Im starting to get busy off with school,projects and attachment.
And lastly i just ended working with th SYOG 2010 , omg its awesome.
This is only one picture, more pictures uploaded in facebook and you should see.
Picture above is a team from Singapore's Handball team, they're great.
Okay, fasting months is left with two weeks and ofcourse Raye is round th corner.
Plus exams are coming up, important month will be next month of September.
Where big exams are reaching and attachment that will be held soon.
Omg, im going crazy over school and i just feel lazy to study but i have too.
DAMN! Okay i'll update whatever things that i can soon, im damn lazy to update this days.
Adios Amigos


12:18 AM

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hi hi hi, its August now, and many things are up in mind.
National day celebration tomorrow, school's end of year exams is round th corner.
School is finishing real soon, im so gonna miss my fellow classmates.
Attachment is starting real sooon, YOG is nearing! Omg, just imagine that!
Im gonna be dead tired from now on and im going to keep myself calm (:
Everything seems to happen so fast, is already quarter of th year, ohno!
Its really fast when we're having lotsa fun here and there, am i right?
Anyway, i had a memorable seventeen birthday with my fellow family~
Anddd China trip was ofcourse awesome, i loooooooooove th trip very much!
Its th most memorable trip ever i can say, i wish to have another one again~
Anyway, im sorry for not updating my blog for very long time, im damn lazy.
Adios Amigos~


10:11 PM

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hi everyone, i know my blog is dead and boring and whatever.
I do not give a fuck, im just plain lazy to update plus im pretty busy with school.
Okay, since im not schooling today lemme just update and tell you guys whats happening.
Okay, so eversince my school has shifted to cck which is far at th west area,
im always feeling very tired and lazy whenever i get back home causeeeeee,
my time-table suck big time like seriously. i start at eight and ends at six everyday!
Okay besides that, school's pretty interesting. I see different faces everyday in school.
And ITE WEST @ CCK is likee damn big and huge and theres many people.
Okay whatever, anyway im leaving to China with my classmates next wednesday.
Im so freaking excitedd cause i bet its gonna be an exciting trip , yayness :D
Besides that, everything else is fine and im just plain lazy to get to school.
And oh! im leaving for indonesia this friday, so do i sounded im pretty busy now?
You answer it, and this semester's subject is driving me really craazy like seriously.
Okay then goodbye, i shall try updating this blog often okaydokay.
And finally, my birthday is coming real soon , yay 17th soon :D
Adios amigos


4:11 PM

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hiiiiiiiiii I know its been awhile since i last updated on my blog.
I've been busy going out and enjoy my very last week of holidays.
Been going out to town, class chalet , shopping , birthday parties and more.
So much of planning to work during holidays with nadya, but it never happen at all.
So as for today, i finally stayed home th entire day since its raining and i need a rest.
School's reopening soon, in a one day time and im sooo not looking forward to it.
Although its a brand new school, environment or what it is, im not looking forward to it.
I've got to wake up early to go school since its getting more further then Clementi.
Ohno! Andddd, th very first day i've got to report to at 8 in th morning and i end at 6pm.
How great is that to welcome us to a new school, a total of ten solid hours in school.
WOW! Okay enough, i shall stop complaining and somehow im feeling lazy .
alright then, if i feel like blogging in th night time, i shall do soooooo!
Ohyeahh, and i've been staying up late night just to watch world cup for this month.
I wonder if i can sleep early for school this monday, oh noooooooooooo!
Adios Amigos


7:02 PM

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Its been long time since i last update on my blog.
Somehoww, im just feeling too plain lazy to blog/update (:
Anyway, many days has gone veh fast, and school's reopening soon.
Im still not ready for school any sooner and im not ready for new school.
Anyway, results will be out tomorrow at eight in th morning, ohmygod.
This is another burden, i just don't feel like checking it any time yet.
And, dearest girlfriend will be back to singapore tomorrow, like finally.
Ohhhmy, i seriously got nothing much to update but im just loving holidays.
Ohyeah, and we i did alot of shopping and i wasted alot of money during school hols.
Sooo much of planning & wanting to work here and there, but never ever happens.
Anyway, thankyou daddy for giving me tons and tons of money, i know your reasons.
You just dont want me to work, thankyou very much! You know, i love you veh much.
Adios Amigos


10:45 PM